Sanmei may be understood differently by many. We see Sanmei as an awakening, a delightful experience, and a lifestyle. Sanmei is simple yet meaningful while being discerning and in excessive. We aim for to be the agora for like-minded people to cherish and share such experiences. With our thoughtfully selected merchandise such as basic daily necessities, we wish to promote a healthy lifestyle that will be harmonious for the people and our environment

We present our merchandise in a simple and modest manner to avoid wasteful packaging. The products are presented in a healthy quantity to encourage sampling a large variety without overconsumption.

Sanmei strives to bring people together through this online community to create new enriching experiences and share the delight amongst each other. As a proud advocate for social responsibility, Sanmei commits to donate a small sum of money to Po Leung Kuk, a local charitable organization with each purchase of selected Sanmei products.

Who are We?

Sanmei might mean differently to many. We see Sanmei as an awakening, an experience of delightfulness and a choice of lifestyle. Simple yet meaningful, discerning yet not excessive. We like to create as an agora for likeminded people to cherish and share. Through the promotion of selected merchandise which are basic to our daily lives with a view to promote a healthy lifestyle with a view to enhance human harmonization with the environment.

Our products are carefully selected as good values for consumption. We present them as simple and down to earth as possible and avoid using excessive packaging. We like to present varieties in small quantities, so that we can sample as much as we like without the risk of waste.

We encourage our friends in this agora to try out for new experiences and share their joy or delightfulness in the process for mutual enrichment.

We are mindful of our social responsibility as an integral part of the social economic process, we commit to donate a small sum of money to a local charitable organization on each purchase of certain Sanmei products.


“To promote a healthy lifestyle with a view to enhance human harmonization with the environment.”

“Employing an on-line distribution model to market selected premium products to like-minded customers”


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